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Price and bookings:

Price: 25 Euros / hour. Dates and times of classes arranged for mutual convenience.

Who are the Skype private classes for?

Anyone who wishes to achieve their goal, as quick as possible.

If you are looking to learn or improve your English, or if you have a specific objective and need help getting there, we recommend Skype private classes.

You will be taught by native English teachers in a 1-to-1 environment, allowing your teacher to fully concentrate on your progress by giving you their undivided and personalised attention.

Whatever your level is, whatever you want to achieve, we can help you.

Principal benefits

Choosing Skype private classes will help you speed up your learning. You will be able to learn at your own pace and schedule your classes to fit your needs and most importantly, you can choose the level of learning that suits you best.

Your learning will be more complete as the teacher has immediate access to all kinds of ressources that will support your learning.

You will also save time and money as this system allows you to take your classes wherever you find yourself.

Undivided and personalised attention, guaranteed results

The Skype private classes are the best way for students to achieve their goals. The 1-to-1 environment that this system provides encourages more complete and faster learning.

You can always choose the lesson topic you wish to study, as well as the frequency of your classes.

As all the attention is put on the student, the teacher can identify any weaknesses and focus on turning them into strengths in a much more effective and faster way.

Also, the student doesn't need to feel shy speaking in front of other students, his confidence is slowly increased as he speaks and practises with his teacher.

Native English teachers

All our teachers are native English speakers so we can teach our students correctly.

Having qualified native English teachers helps our students to engage in real and regular conversations that English people use every day.

Teachers who are native speakers provide a natural way of learning English words and grammar, which helps students to pronounce words and phrases properly. Students also learn how to speak and write using the right grammar and vocabulary.

Because the English language is often integrated within a culture, native speaker teachers are able to provide answers to questions about customs or cultural practices that may come up during the class.

I have finally received the results of the FCE and I have passed! Thank you so much for your help. I'm thinking of preparing for the CAE now, how much time do you think I will need to be ready?

Sergio G. , Chile

Sir, you are definitely the best teacher I have found! This time my interview went very good and I felt confident answering questions and I got the job! I can't say thank you enough!

Kouichi Y. , Japan

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